Imagine you are an alien living in peace and harmony. One perfect
the moon is suddenly invaded by PEOPLE trying to take over your planet!
Defend your homeland because of all the forces and do not let the enemy break through
Prove that you can survive all the trials and save the moon !
In this arcade you will find a lot of exciting levels that will not leave indifferent even
the most demanding fan of the game.

The game is a shooter with a side view. Your alien
located on the left side of the screen, it has a gun and a fence.
People are attacking from the opposite side,
which you need to kill with a gun (left mouse button) and a flamethrower (right mouse button).

Defeating enemies with a gun is extremely problematic, especially at higher difficulty levels.

Feature of game:

  • Exciting levels that will not make you bored
  • High quality and beautiful graphics
  • Suitable for children and adults
  • Great background music
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