I enjoy this great site and wanted to give back to all the great people who are a part of this site who make it happen. Giving back to the gaming community is what keeps it great! I try do a giveaway every other day.
Also, your thanks are not needed unless you feel the need to if you win.
Key will be sent through steam gifts and appear in the won tab.
Any game winners who do not respond to communication attempts within a timely manner or the 7 day window will be re-rolled and added to our blacklist. Please be responsive and respectful.

Also if interested, check out our social sites. Join our steam group as well to keep up to date on gaming news, free games and giveaways and to hang out and talk.
Steam Group
We've also just created a closed facebook group recently in hopes of other players joining to talk steam games in a closed community. I wasn't a fan of many of the facebook pages due to friends and family being able to see everything you comment or post and all the closed groups were full of spam and crappy people. So We've went and created one. So if you're interested in trying to find other people with similar interests in steam games or to talk pc gaming in a friendly and gimmick free environment. Send us a request to join and a Admin or mod will accept your request, please read the rules before posting, we want to keep it clean and spam free, but if your're looking for an environment to try and meet new people and talk PC and steam gaming, start here and help us grow!
Facebook Group

Thanks for the game . .

2 months ago

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