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Planned Giveaways YouTube Sub Goal
Devolver Bootleg 200
Muse Dash 350
Special Secret Assortment 500
My Friend Pedro 750
Cyberpunk 2077 (over here!) 1000
Planet Zoo (Starting Mar 1st!) 2500
CODE VEIN 🎊 5000 🎊
TBA 🎉 10,000 🎉

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Please note that while all of the keys I give out are unused to the best of my knowledge, there's always a very small chance that someone else guessed at the key or that the developer revoked it. In that event, please allow me to delete the giveaway. Thanks!

(also please note: it is your responsibility to make sure you don't own this before entering. If I have to reroll you, I will blacklist you.)

This might be a fun one!
Thanks for sharing Nobbu

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Thank you!

7 months ago

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