Revenge of the copy pasta!

Hello and welcome to the madness!
The challenge is simple: Play and beat any 6 games, starting today, that have been featured in any given Humble Monthly/Choice bundle in one month.

The prize: Persona 5 Royal

Game length does not matter and I'm not looking for 100% achievement runs. So long as you play and beat 6 games, I'm happy. You can go easy mode and play a bunch of 1h games or go crazy and play 6 +30h games. So long as they were in a monthly at a given point, it is all good.

Just post a comment with either screenshots/ achievements showing that you fulfilled the criteria and I'll add you on Steam and give you the link. Feel free to share your thoughts on the games you've played, but it is not required.


Why you doing this?

I hate money. That and I realized I've been subbed to the monthly for over seven years (yes it has been that long, I checked) and it occurred to me that I've barely touched the games I've gotten from it, let alone played them. Figured the same would be true for a few others, so I figured this is a good way to change that. A sensible person would probably unsub in this situation, but please refer to the beginning as to why that will not happen.

I've played the first X minutes of a game, can I pick it for the event?

No. You cannot have any play time or achievements prior to the start of the event. The only exception is idle time from farming Steam cards.

Can I play a MP only game?

No. It needs to have an "end" in order for me to count it as beaten, so it needs to have a campaign/story mode.

If a game was sold as a non-Steam copy in a bundle (origin/uplay/drm-free/etc), can I pick it as a choice if I own a Steam copy?

No. The reason being that those who own a Steam copy would have an extra option that would not be available to everyone who bought the same bundle. If the game was originally sold as a non-Steam copy, but Humble later provided steam keys to everyone who bought the bundle, then the game would be allowed.

Why six games?

The first few monthlies had 6/7 games in them so I went with that.

How long are you going to do this?

Until my credit card statements gives me nightmares.

This event "ends" on December 6th when the next HB Choice releases, though the giveaway itself will end the next day. If you manage to finish game number six in between that time, feel free to post, but know that I cannot guarantee that I'll be able to give you the link in time.

Good luck, have fun and stay safe.
Thanks for reading, and forget to use the power of friendship..

List of eligible games:
Credit goes to PapaSmok

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Game Monthly Achievements/Status
INSIDE May 2017 finished + Proof
Furi October 2017 finished + Proof
Katana Zero November 2016 finished
Retrowave January 2022 finished
Lara Croft Go April 2018 finished
Rise of the Tomb Raider October 2017 finished
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Hnnnnngh, Personaaaaa..! I want to participate again so let's give it a go.🤞

911 Operator is Done (Medal of Honor)✔️ + Screenshots
Initially a pretty interesting and simple game, but let's just say it got old fast. I liked the idea a lot, but when I noticed that there aren't that many different voice calls it just got tiring to hear the same ones over and over again. Almost all of them have rather poor voice acting as well, so it's even annoying at certain points. However a notable exception is the call concerning a dead daughter and that acting was so good that it felt far too genuine for me to be able to listen to it more than once - I ended up ignoring that call every single time it came up because it was too real. After hearing that I was much more grateful that the rest of the voice work wasn't as believable. I also found this to be surprisingly difficult, I was playing on 'easy' on all my runs and I still had a lot of failures, so I don't even wanna know what the 'expert' difficulty is like...

112 Operator is Done (Medal of Honor)✔️ + Screenshots
It's a sequel to 911 so it's pretty much the same, only this time around it's centered more on European locations, hence the name. As an European I was kinda delighted to see my city was included in the game, even though there's clearly zero consideration to the district lines the game uses - they cut my city and its surrounding area into the most bizarre districts. I'm not asking for full on realism, but feels like that the devs could've done a bit of checking before they did something, even if it was just looking at a map and going "would it make sense to cut this place into districts here?" The gameplay remains almost exactly the same, with only minor alterations and some completely unnecessary cinematic sections. What truly and honestly irked me was that despite this pretending to be a sequel (and costing more than 911) they had barely put any effort into voice calls - they even re-used some from the first game.

Frog Detective 1: The Haunted Island is Done (Answered the Call)✔️ + Screenshots
Charming and simple, I want to call it a kids game but I'm not sure it is intended to be one. The humor was surprisingly good and I was glad that this wasn't difficult at all, but overall I don't really have much to say about it. I picked Mo as the winner of the dance competition so they could impress MM, hehe...

Frog Detective 2: The Case of the Invisible Wizard is Done (Snitch)✔️ + Screenshots
Unsurprisingly it's pretty much the same as the first game, but now they added a notebook gimmick to it. I thought the "mystery" was uninteresting this time but I did enjoy the location more, it was a pretty little town! I also don't know why, but I felt like this was more difficult and I'm bit embarrassed to admit I struggled at one point to understand what I had to do.

This Is The Police is Done (Sinking Pequod)✔️ + Screenshots
Highly distinctive and artistic visual style and an interesting premise for the story. The voice acting is superb and the plot is relatively intriguing if you enjoy this sort of 'police drama'. However those looking to have some sort of impact on their story will be disappointed, since no matter what you can't play a straight-laced cop in this game. Initially I thought I'd love the game but I discovered that the novelty of it wears off as I realized that it's dragged on for unreasonably long. The gameplay was simple and engaging at first, but after about ten hours it out right became boring. I don't see any reason why the game needed to be this long, specially when there is a sandbox mode where those who love to do the calls can keep doing them. In the story mode you're just kinda stuck doing repetitive days until you hit a random game over that will force you to go back several days in order to try to avoid it; I got incredibly annoyed with this as the game got significantly harder in its third act - I even had to take a break for few days and considered dropping the game altogether thanks to this.

This Is The Police 2 is Done (You've Talked Enough)✔️ + Screenshots
After struggling considerably with the first one, I was not at all enthusiastic about getting into the sequel. The visuals are still very good and voice acting is once more superb, they had upgraded the game to include more animation which was interesting. It was always clear that you could not be a good cop in this game, so it was kind of fun to just embrace being a bad person in charge of police work and to see where that journey took you. I'd say the story is superior to the first one and this actually had some cool twists and turns, one particular bit made my jaw drop because it crossed a completely new line for our protagonist. The gameplay itself is still kinda tedious but they had mixed up quite a bit of new things this time around, like prepping some meals for the squad in order to keep them happy and efficient with their work. Tactical missions are another welcome new feature, since they allow entirely different gameplay style to the usual mundane dispatching tasks and I did enjoy having those mixed in even though I wouldn't play an entire game centered around such missions. Overall a vast improvement of the previous game and based on this I would play a third if they ever made one.

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I wish I knew how to make those fancy charts without putting in a bunch of effort. I'm definitely throwing my hat in for this month.

Game | Monthly | Achievement & Status

112 Operator | October 2021 | Completed - Medal of Honor
911 Operator | June 2019 | Completed - Medal of Honor
Broken Age | February 2016 | Completed - Unbroken
Dead in Vinland | December 2019 | Completed - Nice Little Vacation
Horizon Chase Turbo | December 2019 | Completed - Round the Globe
Titan Souls | February 2016 | Completed - Titan Soul

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I might be mistaken, but I cannot find any record of Resident Evil being in a monthly/choice bundle.

3 months ago

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Nah.. Seems you are right. My mistake sorry 🥲
I'm going to play another game instead.

3 months ago

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I play Gris today in replacement. Gris / The End
Sorry again fo r the lost of your time.

3 months ago

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Game Monthly Status Proof
Mad Max May 2016 Beaten "Downward Spiral Reawakening" achievement
Blasphemous December 2019 Beaten "The Path of the Unworthy" or "The Path of the Believer" achievement
Forgive Me Father September 2022 Beaten "Enlightened?" achievement
INDUSTRIA September 2022 Beaten "The end is the end is the end is the end is the end" achievement
Maid of Sker October 2022 Beaten "Rapturous Applause!" or "Perfect Harmony!" achievement
Raji: An Ancient Epic November 2022 Completed "Raji and Golu" achievement
3 months ago

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Running things very close this time around.

Game HB Month Achievements Status
Deponia Doomsday October 2016 36/36 Completed
The Wild Eight February 2021 16/25; credits Beaten
Blue Fire August 2021 20/22 Beaten
Henry Stickmin Collection January 2022 82/82 Completed
Omno August 2022 21/21 Completed
Industria September 2022 19/24 Beaten
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Game Achievement Featured in
Frog Detective 1: The Haunted Island ANSWERED THE CALL (Okay this is the end, right?) December 2020
Frog Detective 2: The Case of the Invisible Wizard SNITCH (Faced a big moral dilemma) December 2020
Paratopic Paratopic (Be seeing you, friendo. ) June 2019
Roombo: First Blood Christmas Miracle(Complete all levels and unlock the gallery) January 2019
Western Press A grave matter (Watch the epilogue) December 2016

And I didn't like any of them lmao xD

Paratopic was junk, the others meh, not horrible but not great, all of them way overrated though.

3 months ago*

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