Aneurysm on my brain

Old - 5/25/2004?:

surfpup90: hey daira
surfpup90: i miss u already
surfpup90: i had to mow the lawn to get on the computer, mom said that i couldn't get on the computer bcuz i didn't go to school today
Bowweezyzgurlie: i know u miss me
surfpup90: yah, i have feelings for u too
Bowweezyzgurlie: wht??
surfpup90: i dont want u to get hurt, ur a very beautiful lady and there are guys who would rape u. i just want u to be safe
surfpup90: did u go to school today?
surfpup90: john told me that they didn't take the final exam
Bowweezyzgurlie: no ... yea johnny told me too
surfpup90: lol
surfpup90: did he tell u about how he's in love with Jordan and how he's going to go to the same school she is in 10th grade?
surfpup90: i doubt it lol
Bowweezyzgurlie: yea he told me... lol
surfpup90: did u see Shrek 2?
surfpup90: that movie was hilarious
Bowweezyzgurlie: no i ain't see it ..whn did u see it today??
surfpup90: i saw it on Sun.
Bowweezyzgurlie: oh
surfpup90: and on Fri. i saw harry potter 3
surfpup90: which kinda sucked
Bowweezyzgurlie: oh...i thought u liked all the harry potter movies
surfpup90: nah, they all suck so far
surfpup90: the books are good though
Bowweezyzgurlie: oh
surfpup90: the 4th harry potter movie may be the first harry potter movie that i will be impressed with
Bowweezyzgurlie: oh
surfpup90: all kinds of stuff happen in the fourth
surfpup90: but u should really see Shrek 2, there's this kitty cat that wheres boots and carries a sword. He looks SO "CUTE" when he does this wierd thing with his eyes
surfpup90: um i meant wears not wheres lol
Bowweezyzgurlie: oh lol jasmine miah was goin to see that today and she ask me if i wanted to go but i said no
surfpup90: lol, u should've said yes
surfpup90: shrek 2 is awesome
surfpup90: way better than the first
Bowweezyzgurlie: oh i never seen the whole first one only bits and pieces
surfpup90: lol
surfpup90: thats a first
surfpup90: everybody i know has seen the first shrek
Bowweezyzgurlie: i know
Bowweezyzgurlie: lol
surfpup90: i think the storm disconnected me...
Bowweezyzgurlie: oh
surfpup90: i hate storms
Bowweezyzgurlie: me2
surfpup90: i can't stand it when the power goes out and the thunder gets on my nerves...
Bowweezyzgurlie: yup
surfpup90: i just started writing a story today
surfpup90: and i started writing a story in music class a couple weeks ago
Bowweezyzgurlie: oh 4 real whts it about??
surfpup90: one of them is about a hacker
surfpup90: the other one
surfpup90: is about a forgotten civilization of ppl called Ramagenes
Bowweezyzgurlie: oh
surfpup90: i just had ideas in my head and i wrote them down
Bowweezyzgurlie: oh ..i can't write storys i only read them
surfpup90: if u want u can read what i've done so far of "a hacker's story" at
surfpup90: lol
surfpup90: i read too, but writing is fun sometimes
surfpup90: it's like
surfpup90: i can make my own version of harry potter
surfpup90: i can make harry potter do whatever i want him to do
surfpup90: in any harry potter story i would write
surfpup90: but im not going to do that
surfpup90: thats just an example
Bowweezyzgurlie: oh
Bowweezyzgurlie: ...i'll read your story later im readin another 1 right now
surfpup90: lol ok
surfpup90: well, what i have so far is about 1 page
Bowweezyzgurlie: oh
surfpup90: not like 500 pages or anything
surfpup90: lol
Bowweezyzgurlie: lol
surfpup90: and the ramagenes one
surfpup90: not even half a page on that one
surfpup90: i just wrote out what ramagenes are and stuff like that
surfpup90: rama is magic
surfpup90: and they called themselves ramagenes bcuz they have rama in their genes
Bowweezyzgurlie: ohhh
Bowweezyzgurlie: cause i was thinkin to my self wht in the world does ramagenes
surfpup90: lol
surfpup90: yeah, that'll be the first thing it'll say in the story
surfpup90: what ramagenes are
surfpup90: i made them up
Bowweezyzgurlie: oh
surfpup90: i was at first thinking about wizards but
surfpup90: i need to make somthing more new and original than that
Bowweezyzgurlie: yea
surfpup90: hey, u should look at this pic that has the word "surfpup" in it at
surfpup90: it has the ocean and a surfboard and a girls face
surfpup90: and the word surfpup
surfpup90: in the ocean
surfpup90: it looks pretty cool
Bowweezyzgurlie: oh i see it its cool ....whens ur b-day
surfpup90: jan. 9th
Bowweezyzgurlie: oh
surfpup90: ur b-day is 20 somthing of june right?
Bowweezyzgurlie: 24th u were close
surfpup90: i knew it was in the twenties
surfpup90: my mommom gave me $20 for doin good in school
surfpup90: i would give u the $20 if i could, for ur b-day ya know. i dunno what i would buy for u anyway
Bowweezyzgurlie: oh... i sumtimes get money 4 my report card ...i need some money bad...i need a job ...
Bowweezyzgurlie: aww 4 real
Bowweezyzgurlie: u wouldn't have to get me nuthtin
surfpup90: 4 real, i dont need the money
Bowweezyzgurlie: so u should keep it
surfpup90: ok, i figured u wouldn't take money from me lol
Bowweezyzgurlie: lol
surfpup90: what's ur favorite color?
Bowweezyzgurlie: pink and baby blue....u??
surfpup90: i like baby blue
Bowweezyzgurlie: o
surfpup90: not pink though
surfpup90: lol
Bowweezyzgurlie: lol
surfpup90: i'm publishing my poems on the internet so nobody can plaguerize my poems
surfpup90: i made a poem about the color blue
Bowweezyzgurlie: oh can u write poems ?? not tht good only when im mad or sumthin
surfpup90: when ur mad?
Bowweezyzgurlie: when im mad or sad cause i got to take my anger or sadness out through sumthin i write how i feel and wht happened and stuff but i usually throw them away
surfpup90: u throw ur poems away?
Bowweezyzgurlie: yea...sumtimes
Bowweezyzgurlie: there not really good
surfpup90: thats not.. well, u should show me ur poems, i won't throw them out, i'll save them
surfpup90: ur poems in ur poetry book are really good
surfpup90: none of my poems have emotion in them though..
Bowweezyzgurlie: thank u..that "you thought" poem i wrote cause i was mad and sad over sum korny boy he gets on my nerves so much
surfpup90: but that poem was good
Bowweezyzgurlie: thanx
surfpup90: so umm, did ur mother die?
Bowweezyzgurlie: yup
Bowweezyzgurlie: my mom and dad
surfpup90: that must be aweful..
surfpup90: my dad died
Bowweezyzgurlie: yea i heard
surfpup90: well daira, if you ever wanna throw one of ur poems out, remember to give it to me first.
Bowweezyzgurlie: ight
surfpup90: i think it doesn't matter how bad or good the poem is, just as long as u wrote it
Bowweezyzgurlie: thanx
surfpup90: it's just like me making a really bad mirc script, and then throwing it out bcuz it was bad
surfpup90: but i dont do that lol
surfpup90: but if i make a bad mirc script, i work on it and try to improve it
Bowweezyzgurlie: oh
surfpup90: i dunno if u can improve poems though..
surfpup90: i mean, once they're made, they're made
Bowweezyzgurlie: yup
surfpup90: if u change it, it's not the same poem
Bowweezyzgurlie: yup
Bowweezyzgurlie: ian i'll talk 2 u later im bout to get off line im holdn up my phone
Bowweezyzgurlie: bye
surfpup90: bye
surfpup90: ;-)
Bowweezyzgurlie signed off at 7:58:19 PM

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