Build a Bundle #6

Preorder: $1.50 minimum for 12 games

27 Jun 2019 - 15 Jul 2019

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Previous bundle: Build a Big Bundle 2

Prices after release:

$1 minimum for 4 products
Choose 5 products - final price: $1.25
Choose 6 products - final price: $1.50
Choose 7 products - final price: $1.75
Choose 8 products - final price: $2.00
Choose 9 products - final price: $2.25
Choose 10 products - final price: $2.50
Choose 11 products - final price: $2.75
Choose 12 products - final price: $3.00

$0.25 each, minimum 4 products

Game Details
Exorcist II DRM-Free, Windows, Itch
Varenje DRM-Free, Windows, Itch
Stellar Interface DRM-Free, Windows, OSX, Linux, Itch
Doodle God: 8-bit Mania DRM-Free, Windows, Itch
Tower Bombarde DRM-Free, Windows, Itch
The Great Unknown: Houdini's Castle DRM-Free, Windows, Itch
LightFish DRM-Free, Windows, Itch
Escape Mission: Impassable DRM-Free, Windows, OSX, Itch
999 DRM-Free, Windows, Itch
Captain Lycop: Invasion of the Heters DRM-Free, Windows, Linux, Itch
Badminton Warrior DRM-Free, Windows, OSX, Itch
Tropical Stormfront DRM-Free, Android, Itch

Note: Some (9/12) of the featured games exist on Steam too, but there will be no Steam keys provided for them


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None so far.

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Wondering what games you already own from this bundle? There's an extension/UserScript for that! It's called the RaChart™ Enhancer!

This script enhances the charts by showing you which games you already own from the ones in it. If you own it, the row will be highlighted with a green color.

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[Preorder] I think I can spare $1.5 for this bundle. Hopefully it will contain something I like.
[Buy after release] I prefer knowing my options before deciding.
[Have] It's enough that I own them on Steam, I don't need them on too.
[Skip - not interested] Nothing catches my eye.
[Skip - non Steam] Who even uses nowadays, with so many established platforms out there? is actually my favorite PC game retailer--if you like weird, interesting indie stuff, itch is where you'll find it. (And they're DRM-free.) I just wish it had a proper wishlist function.

3 weeks ago

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