Recently I went back to playing TF2 to check out the "new" updates – Pyro and Jungle Inferno – which has some contracts that players can complete (like new achievements).

As some of you may have already realized, it's really hard to complete the contracts that require to play some specific map – I've been looking for matches in Mossrock for a couple of hours and nothing happens – so I decided to ask the community for help.

I would like to know if you would like to form a group to complete all the map contracts together, since the campaign will only run until February 11, 2018.

My plan would be something like playing Mercenary Park and Mercenary Park advanced (which is the first map to be released on the list of contracts) next friday, Banana Bay on sunday, Mossrock on tuesday and so on. We would leave a day gap between one map and another so that we can complete the other challenges we need (and also to help people who did not get online the first day).

I still do not know how to organize this, so I ask for help from the community.


  1. I had stopped when Valve implemented that ranking system and the game became a mess, but I heard that they had solved it some time ago and I decided to check (TF2 is still fun).
  2. A random giveaway.
  3. I know it's really boring to complete the contracts this way; without any dispute and with the opposing team helping, but as there are not enough players in these maps (they're all playing classic maps) this seems to be the only way.
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We actually completed the contracts quite fast. You can get lucky and be only you and friends on server if you keep playing a bit and you hit less popular maps. People who stay there with you usually cooperate if you ask them.
Problem with this is that groups are probably limited to few people only and you won't be able to put entire big team together and getting other premade team against you even less....
But don't let this stop you, I believe you'll find some way and people who will want to participate.
PS: If anyone wants demoman (defense) contracts, I recommend you to go on degroot keep map. I will also try to help you out if you add me.

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Well, I have no friends who still play TF2. I will continue completing the other contracts and leave the maps last to see what happens. : )

In the old days I used to add friendly players I found on servers so I'm going to send you an invitation on Steam and maybe we can play something one day (if you need help in any game, just say it).

By the way... if any other SG user wants to add me, please feel free (I usually play with the Medic).

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