Hi. Without any long intros, this is an advent event where you need to solve jigidis in order to earn points and get a better chance to win great games. This is next iteration in my advent events. Last year this event had 75 giveaways and hundreds of participants.

Biggest change from last year is that all puzzles will be open for whole event runtime (01.12. - 27.12.). But still, it wouldn't be fair to everyone if all puzzles would give same amount points every day, so point calculation here would come in place - farther away from actual date == less points puzzle will award. This goes in both ways -> if you solve puzzle on it's day, you will get most points, but if you solve it before or after, you will receive less points.

I have made a simple website for this event. Everything related to event will be posted there. Website has a steam login and to participate, you must have steamgifts account (obviously). If you have a different username in jigidi, there will be a possibility to set that username on website.

All giveaways in this event will end on December 28th 12:00 AM UTC+2. Website itself operates in UTC timezone. Once your submission is checked, submission form will be replaced with a link to giveaway unless you already own the game. All giveaways that you have access to also will be available on giveaway page.

For your submission be counted as valid, you must follow some rules/guidelines. These rules will also be written in the Help section in a bit more detail. The pre-Event event is a good taste of what you will need to do.

RULES / GUIDELINES of submissions:

  • You must solve each puzzle while logged into jigidi
  • You must take a screenshot (similar to this where you can clearly see the puzzle, your username and your time.
  • Do not add anything to images like underlines or arrows.
  • You must submit your time on the puzzle page by posting your time in HH:MM:SS (for example that would be 03:02:48) and a link to screenshot. Link must be direct to image (with extension - .jpg, .jpeg, .png, etc.). If you submit an indirect link, it will be valid (if contains image) but will give you less points.

Entry can be edited only on it's correct date!

You solve Day 5 puzzle on Day 5 -> you can edit your entry as much as you like on Day 5 but not after Day 5
You solve Day 5 puzzle on Day 7 -> once submitted, no editing
You solve Day 5 puzzle on Day 3 -> on Day 3 you can only submit once but you can edit your entry as much as you like on Day 5

All giveaways are for level 1.
If you are on my blacklist, sorry. It's highly unlikely that I will remove anyone from my blacklist but you can try to plea in comments.
If by any chance you find a bug, you can submit a bug report on website. Just make sure that something like that hasn't been already submitted.


Mood Music

As always, remember I have this long train running now. In there you can also find bunch of songs I have created and I would appriciate some support with views, likes and subscribes to my channel.

And please remember to bump this thread


P.S. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in comments

MAIN EVENT has ended! Top and Christmas giveaways will be added soon (+ probably more afterwards)! Submissions will stay open so if you want to join any top or christmas giveaways, solve some puzzles. Solving now will not give you much points so you probably won't get into top 50 but you can still get to those christmas giveaways.

All new giveaways will end on January 15th (my birthday) so you have somewhat 2 weeks to solve everything there is to solve.
P.S. Producing errors in submissions now will be very harsh so do not make any mistakes

Just for info. Current giveaways:
Christmas: Wasteland 3, Fallout 4 GOTY
Top 25: Mortal Kombat 11, DEATH STRANDING
Top 50: The Evil Within 2, Prey
Top: Assetto Corsa Competizione, The Evil Within

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Thank you for participation, look out for future events :)

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